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Applying for Building Regulation Approval

The following is sent to the Building Control Organisation:-

A completed building regulation application form

Drawings of existing and proposed plans and elevations (1:100 scale)

Drawings of the plans and sections of the proposed building (1:500 scale)

Building regulation notes


The Building Control Organisation:-

Check that the drawing and notes comply with the current building regulation legislation.

Send a letter to the applicant confirming receipt of the application

The Building Control Surveyor will identify any alterations or amendment that may be

required to comply with the regulations

This process seems to vary in timescale from approximately 4 weeks to 8 weeks


If consent is given there may be conditions attached

Any construction of the project before approval may be at risk of demolition

The Building Control Surveyor must be informed before commencement of work

The Surveyor will visit the site to check that the building is being built to comply with the

building regulations only

A Building Control Completion Certificate will be issued to the client upon completion of

the project (retain this certificate and keep in a safe place)

This information may vary from organisation to organisation