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Applying for Planning Consent

The following is sent to the Planning Portal website:-

A completed planning application consent form

Drawings of existing and proposed plans and elevations (1:100 scale),

An Ordinance Survey location map (1:1250 scale) indicating property location

A site plan (1:500 scale)

The Council:-

Downloads the Planning Application information from the Planning Portal website and

checks to ensure application complies with the current planning legislation (validation)

they also allocate a Planning Officer.

Sends a letter to the applicant confirming receipt of planning application, identifying the

Planning Officer and the determination date (the date by which they should complete the

decision, usually 8 weeks from validation)

Advertise the application on their website

Put up a sign on nearest lamppost to the proposed development

Post a letter to the surrounding property owners notifying them of the planning application

Inform statutory consultees (an example of this could be the transport and environmental

departments within the Council)

The consultation period is 21 days

The allocated Planning Officer visits the site (usually after consultation period)

The Planning Officer then checks to see if the application is within the planning guidance

criteria and writes up a report itemizing the planning legislation relevant and if the

application is compliant

A decision is then determined


If consent is given there will be conditions attached

If a refusal is determined then it is possible to appeal to the Secretary of State

And / or another amended application can be submitted

This information may vary from Council to Council