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To provide drawings and information and apply for planning and building regulation applications.

What we do:-

Send you a fixed price quotation describing the work and stage payments required

Should you agree to the work proceeding sign and return a copy of the letter

A surveyor will contact you to measure the existing building 1:100 scale drawing of the plans and elevations of the existing building is drawn up.

We meet to discuss your requirements - 1st stage payment required

1:100 scale drawings of the plans and elevations of the proposed building is drawn up.

We meet to agree proposals - 2nd stage payment required

We apply for planning application on your behalf and negotiate with the planning officer if required and possible (Planning consent may include conditions and approval is not guaranteed)

Should you wish to proceed with building regulation plans application - 3rd stage payment is required

1:50 scale plans, section drawing and information for a building regulation plans application is produced.

We meet to discuss and agree elements of the building regulation information.

We apply for building regulation plans approval on your behalf (Building regulation plans approval may include conditions)

Amendments are possible throughout the process; however these may need to be presented to the development and building control organisations for approval

Early evening appointments are available.

Should there be any requests for further information amendments or alterations please contact and every effort will be made to respond to them.