Once we have discussed ideas and developed a clear way forward, these are some of the specific ways I can help you through the planning and development process.

  • Dimensional survey and drawings of your existing building or space to create a basis for our plans.
  • Drawings for your proposed building (scale 1: 100) to demonstrate how things could look – I will adapt and develop these as part of your fixed fee.
  • Final drawings for planning application scale 1: 100)
  • A location map that covers all the requirements for planning.
  • A site plan as above.
  • Application for Planning Consent.
  • Further correspondence and negotiation with Planners as required.
  • Drawings and information for building regulations plans approval.
  • Application for Building Regulation Plans Approval
  • More information and changes as required by Building Control Surveyor.
  • Ongoing advice and support during your build.

This list is typical but not comprehensive.  I’m here to help you throughout, and if, for example, you need to get round an unexpected issue, please just call. It’s all part of my service!